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Campaign Status

You just submitted your song, thanks for choosing us to promote your music! Our team will review the information you submitted about your song and if everything looks good, we will send your song to the next step. This process Is completed within 24 Hours.

Day 1 You submitted your song

After we've checked your submision,  your song will be uploaded in our A.I. powered system. This system will use the information you submitted to us + information from Spotify's API to find the best matching playlists in our network. This process happens really quickly.

Day 2 Our A.I. software will find the best playlists

After our A.I. software has found the best matching curators/playlists, your song will be send to them. They have 48 hours to review your song & place them in their playlists.

We will update you through email, and send you all the links to the playlists where your song got placed in. We always try to have this whole process completed within 72 hours (3days) after submitting your song.

Day 3 Your song will be placed into matching playlists

Sometimes the process can take a little longer, depending on the type of song you submitted and the Listener reach chosen. If you have not heard from us after 7 days after submitting, please contact our support at

What if i haven't heard anything after 72 hours?

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