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Will my song receive fake/botted streams?

No! We have a strict no-bot tolerance for our curators, We will only get your song placed in real & organicly grown playlists. This way your song will only get streams from people who genuinely like your music.

What does ''Listener Reach'' exactely mean?

By choosing a promotion package, you select any amount of Listener Reach you want. Listener reach means the amoun of listeners/followers the playlists combined will have where we will place your song in.

For how long will my song be in the playlists for atleast?

Your song will stay in all playlists for atleast 30 days, after that you can choose to continue the promotion, or stop it.  See this page to stop your promotion campaign.

How do I stop my subscribtion to this service?

Easily stop your subscribtion by going to our End Subscribtion page, fill in your payment information and we will stop your subscribtion. You will  receive a email confirmation of the cancelation.

How do I request a refund?

We offer a money-back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with your campaign you can request a refund here.

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