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Top 5 Spotify Playlisting Services in 2023 Compared.

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A great place to release and promote your music is on Spotify. There are countless playlists available on this streaming service, as you are already aware. Therefore, using a Spotify playlist pitching service can improve your promotion. These services can help you find platform curators and get your music played on well-liked playlists. While self-promotion of your music is an option, working with a pro can be even more advantageous.

Many Spotify promotion services are available, but some of them can be pricey when it comes to playlist placement. There are, however, alternatives that provide cost-effective assistance in getting your music played on the appropriate playlists for your intended audience.

We've put together a list of the top 5 Spotify playlist pitching services to try in 2023 to assist artists who are just starting out in their careers. Working with the best Spotify promotion services will enable you to learn more about managing your Spotify account, artist appearance, and much more while also providing expert marketing assistance. Therefore, don't be afraid to contact us to request that the appropriate listeners hear your tracks.

How Can Your Career Grow With the Help of a Spotify Playlist Pitching Service?

You can gain organic promotion and support an artist's business growth by using a Spotify playlist pitching service in the following ways:

  • Increased visibility: Adding your music to a well-liked playlist can make it more visible to more listeners, which could increase the number of streams, followers, and revenue you receive. You can even more easily obtain that sought-after spot on Spotify's editorial playlists if you gain more exposure and surround yourself with real listeners.

  • Professional advice: The best ways to get your music featured in Spotify playlists can be found with the help of a Spotify pitching service, which can offer expert advice.

  • Time-saving: It can be time-consuming to upload your music to Spotify playlists. You can focus on other aspects of your business while this process is handled by a Spotify playlist pitching service. Utilize tried-and-true promotion techniques to unlock the door to success and open up your first million streams!

  • Networking opportunities: Opportunities for collaborations or other business ventures may result from Spotify promotional services' connections to the music industry, not just playlist owners.

How to Pick the Best Spotify Playlist Promotional Service?

It's crucial to do your research and take the following into account when selecting a Spotify pitching service:

  • Budget: Find a pitching service that fits your budget by comparing the prices of various options. Remember that the most expensive service may not always be the best; you might be able to find one that provides comparable services for less money.

  • Reputation: Search for a business that is well-known in its field. Look up reviews online and seek the advice of other musicians or experts in the field.

  • Services provided: Think about the particular services the service provides and whether they satisfy your requirements. Do they provide personal consultations with industry experts, research on the best Spotify playlists for your music, or placement strategies?

  • Success rate: Search for a service that has successfully added music to Spotify's playlists over time.

  • Transparency: Pick a service that explains its procedures in detail and makes it clear what you can anticipate from it.

Top 5 Spotify Playlist Pitching Services:

1. PlaylistGrow

A simple and competitive method for musicians to have their music heard by Spotify curators is provided by the music promotion service PlaylistGrow. A user-friendly platform that offers an affordable and efficient solution for artists looking to promote their music and reach their intended listenership. With their help, musicians can finally break through the noise and get the recognition they deserve.

Depending on how many playlist placements & listener reach you want for your song, a campaign with PlaylistGrow can be started with only $60. This is one of the cheaper packages reviewed in this article, and with that a budget friendly option for starting artists. They also offer bigger/ more expensive promotion campaigns for artists that want to maximize their exposure.

PlaylistGrow makes sure to clearly list all costs and fees before a campaign starts, letting you know the exact cost of the service. You can decide how much money you want to spend on the campaign if your budget is tight, and PlaylistGrow will estimate how many playlist placements you can expect. This enables you to comprehend the use of your funds and the level of campaign exposure you can anticipate.

The amazing thing at PlaylistGrow is the fact that they are already using A.I. to pitch your song automatically to the best matching playlists. This helps with the speed of your campaign and will have your song placed faster in matching playlists than competitors.

In the end, it's crucial to work with a business that can produce results when promoting your music. We at PlaylistGrow offer a high success rate for getting your music on the playlists of hundreds of reputable curators. We work to make your investments worthwhile because we recognize the value of your time and money.

Start a campaign with PlaylistGrow: Click Here

A screenshot of the website
PlaylistGrow Website

2. Boost Collective

Distribution, mastering, press/ PR, cover art creation, and, of course, Spotify promotion are just a few of the tasks that Boost Collective offers that can be completed in one location. Artists purchase credits that can be used to pay for any of those services as part of the agency's unique credit-based business model.

They operate in a straightforward manner. In the campaign builder, you can select the size of your campaign by looking for your song( s). They will promote your music more widely the more playlists they add it to and the bigger the campaign.

In order to give the tracks the most exposure possible, Boost Collective works with dependable playlisters once a campaign is in progress to create long-lasting lists. Boost Collective uploads your music to hundreds of curator playlists. When you run a campaign with Boost Collective, their team listens to your song and adds it to the playlists that are most suitable for it in order to give you the best outcomes.

They can significantly increase your popularity thanks to their extensive network and promotional services. Additionally, Boost Collective has all the resources you require to increase your Spotify popularity, including a team of experts on hand to assist you in creating an effective and targeted promotional strategy.

Screenshot of the website
Boost Collective Website

3. LM Playlists (LyricalMind)

One of the Spotify promotion services that aids musicians in increasing their reach and visibility on Spotify is LM Playlists, also known as Lyrical Mind. According to their website, they have a big network with great playlists that cover alot of genres and are constantly adding new and specialized ones.

They operate in a straightforward manner. Depending on their requirements and financial situation, musicians can select from a variety of promotional packages. Musicians can choose the genre of the playlists they want to be featured on from a set number of Spotify playlist packages. Before running a campaign, their team reviews every piece of music that is submitted, and will give you feedback on your track. This is a great feature from Lyrical Mind, especially if you are just starting out and would like to receive some genuine feedback on your music!

Depending on the package you choose, you will be given a variety of promotional packages with varying prices (from $40 to $175) These packages can increase the number of Spotify playlists where your music is played and the amount of listenership it receives. The quality of LM Playlist services is great, they are 100% transparent about their services, and have a good number of positive testimonials you can read through.

Sceenshot of the website
Lyrical Mind Website

4. Playlist Push

Artists can pitch their music to Spotify playlist curators using the digital platform Playlist Push. It helps artists increase their chances of being featured on playlists and gives curators access to a steady stream of fresh music to think about, which is intended to benefit both artists and curators.

Targeting a particular group of music curators is part of the service's use, which may be more time- and resource-intensive than using other tools. Flexible payment options are available for the campaigns, including Google Pay and major credit cards.

The average cost of a campaign is about $450, this is one of the most expensive options in this article. However, because there are numerous factors that can influence the total cost, it is impossible to obtain an accurate quote until every step required to launch a campaign has been taken.

Trustpilot reviews claim that curators also give artists using Playlist Push feedback on whether or not their music was chosen for a playlist, providing them with useful information about the selection process.

Both playlist curators and musicians looking for more exposure can use the Spotify promotion service Playlist Push. The service's main goal is to assist musicians in reaching playlist curators, who are most likely to be interested in their music.

Overall, Playlist Push has a solid reputation in the Spotify promotion sector and provides reasonably priced services with budget-friendly pricing options.

Screenshot of the website
Playlist Push Website

5. Groover

A music submission platform called Groover aims to make it simpler for musicians to reach Spotify curators and other industry experts with their music. Groover has become a top option for musicians looking to market their music and network with industry insiders since its founding in 2018. The platform, which is particularly well-liked in Europe, has aided many musicians in landing radio plays, playlists, and other opportunities.

Groover's submission procedure, which is made to be quick and simple, is one of its most important features. Artists only need to upload their song to the platform and choose the curators and industry experts they want to submit to in order to get started. Two credits, or "Grooviz," or about$ 2, are required for each submission. The strengths of an artist's music can then be highlighted in their submissions, increasing their chances of being accepted. Last but not least, musicians can easily send their music to their preferred locations.

Overall, Groover is a great choice when looking for a promotion platform. With its simple process, wide range of opportunities and fast feedback, Groover is a good option for every artist.

Screenshot of the website
Groover Website

In Conclusion:

Millions of musicians and music lovers use Spotify, a well-known music streaming service, worldwide. People can easily find new music that they might not have otherwise found thanks to the platform's wide selection of music from a variety of artists. However, it can be difficult for artists to gain attention and grow fan bases on such a large and competitive platform.

The promotional services offered by Spotify can be useful in this situation. These tools assist musicians in submitting their music to curators, who then curate and organize the platform's playlists. Artists can reach a larger, more engaged audience and attract new fans by being featured on well-known playlists. The secret is organic promotion!

It's crucial to carefully research and select the most reputable and effective Spotify promotion services, though. There are numerous options, though not all of them are trustworthy or efficient. You can increase the likelihood that your efforts will result in genuine fanbase growth by taking the time to carefully consider your options. I hope this article has given you the knowledge and perspective you need to decide with confidence and knowledge.

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