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Our packages explained!

PlaylistGrow provides a variety of promotion packages, tailored to the particular needs of independent musicians. These packages are priced and scoped differently to allow you to select the one that aligns with your budget and promotion objectives.

The Starter package is the first on the list, costing $67. This package caters to artists who want to test their promotional waters. By using this package, your music will be promoted on up to 5 playlists, enabling you to gain exposure and build your fan base.

The Advanced package is next on the list, priced at $147. It offers more comprehensive promotion than the Starter package by promoting your music on up to 10 playlists. This gives you greater exposure and an increased chance of reaching your target audience.

Suppose you're looking for a more extensive promotion campaign; in that case, PlaylistGrow's Premium package is an excellent option for you. At $247, this premium package offers promotion on up to 20 playlists, providing maximum exposure and increasing your chances of getting noticed by your target audience.

For artists who want an all-out promotional effort, there's PlaylistGrow's Exclusive package costing $875. This top-tier promotional offering includes promotion on up to 50 playlists - making it one of the most comprehensive packages available on PlaylistGrow - giving you maximum exposure and reach for your music.

To get started with PlaylistGrow today, simply visit their submission page and choose which promotional plan best suits your requirements. Once selected, submit your music files promptly and start promoting! With PlaylistGrow's affordable services at hand promoting yourself has never been easier! So why wait any longer? Start promoting yourself today!

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